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What is Cardisure?

is a tablet that contains the active ingredient Pimobendan which is used in the control of heart disease in dogs. Cardisure is manufactured by Eurovet Animal Health Limited. Cardisure comes as round, brown tablets in several different sizes so that different sized animals can be dosed accurately. The tablets can be scored and divided. Cardisure is a POM-V (Prescription Only Medication) which means it can only be obtained from the vet who is looking after your pet or with a prescription from them.
Cardisure for dogs
What is Cardisure used for?

Cardisure is used in the treatment of heart failure in dogs. Heart failure can occur for a number of reasons and the medication required depends on the underlying cause. The active ingredient in Cardisure, pimobendan, is used in cases of dilated cardiomyopathy where the heart is enlarged or in cases of valvular insufficiency, where the valves in the heart leak and blood flow can be disrupted. Cardisure can be used alone but in many cases will be combined with other heart medications such as frusemide. Use of Cardisure has been shown to improve both quality of life and life expectancy in dogs with heart failure.

Cardisure Tips

- Cardisure should only be used as directed by your vet
- Cardisure contains the active ingredient pimobendan
- The dose of Cardisure will be based on your pet’s weight so weigh them regularly
- Cardisure comes in different sized tablets so accurate doses can be given easily
- Cardisure tablets are scored and can be divided
- Cardisure should be stored out of reach of dogs and children
- Cardisure will often be combined with other drugs
- Cardisure should be given twice daily, by mouth
- If there is any change in your pet’s condition while taking Cardisure then contact your vet immediately.
Side Effects of Cardisure

- Cardisure is generally a very safe drug when used as directed by your vet
- Cardisure can cause vomiting and diarrhoea, lethargy and Inappetance
- These side effects are usually mild and temporary
- The potential side effects of Cardisure are dose dependant
- The side effects can be improved by reducing the dose of Cardisure
- Cardisure has not been tested in pregnant or lactating bitches so the risks need to be weighed against the benefits before using in these animals
- If you suspect any side effects from Cardisure then contact your vet for advice
- An overdose of Cardisure can cause vomiting and a fast heart rate.
- If you suspect an overdose, contact your vet immediately
- Cardisure should be used with care in animals that have existing liver disease or diabetes
Dosage and Administration of Cardisure

- The dose of Cardisure will depend on your pet’s weight and will be determined by your vet
- Cardisure comes as 1.25mg, 2.5mg, 5mg and 10mg tablets
- Cardisure tablets are round, light brown in colour, and scored in quarters
- Cardisure tablets can be divided to help with accurate dosing
- Cardisure tablets are flavoured to make administration easier
- Cardisure tablets should be given twice daily, by mouth
- It is best to give Cardisure on an empty stomach as it improves absorption
- Do not alter the dose of Cardisure without consulting your vet
- Cardisure tablets will often be combined with other medications
How to Reduce The Cost of Buying Cardisure Tablets For Dogs

- Treating dogs with congestive heart failure can become expensive
- Many dogs with heart failure benefit from treatment with cardisure in conjunction with diuretics ( frusemide or prilactone) and ace inhibits ( fortekor, vasotop )
- Cardisure is available from at significantly lower prices than from veterinary surgeons
- Cardisure is a prescription only medicine POM-V but you can still purchase it online with a written prescription from your vet
- Dog owners may purchase cardisure from their vet but could make huge savings by buying the cheaper cardisure online at
- You may also purchase frusemide, prilactone, fortekor, vasotop and benazecare from pet prescription
- The Cardisure we supply is exactly the same as you would purchase from your vet though typically 40-60% cheaper

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